Katrin Hubers

KasiaHKatrin Hubers (Katarzyna Poniżnik-Hübers), Fashion designer and the founder of Le BLAKK label.

Born in Wroclaw, Poland however living since over 20 years abroad. Alumni of Wroclaw’s prestige High school IPLO who left Poland in 1992 to continue her education in Munich at the Munich International School (MIS) which she finalised with an International Baccalaureate Diploma degree (IB). Already at that time, she was interested and fascinated with art and art history. Already as a child she was a talented in drawing and painting. Her manual and creative abilities were presented in Munich during the art exhibition prepared by her school in 1994.

For excellent grades and outstanding results she was awarded many scholarships, among others a Bosch Stifftung scholarship, which has made her study in Stuttgart at the University of Maryland (UMUC) possible. She graduated from UMUC with Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management, International Marketing and Minor History. In between, she did two semesters abroad in the United States of America at the Bentley University as well as at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating with honours, she returned to her native country where she started her own business. This marketing and PR agency, called International Company Services, she successfully leaded until year 2009. In the next years she travelled a lot living in many different countries among others: Jakarta Indonesia, or London England. Afterwards, she moved to Germany where additionally to her own business she managed and prepared the marketing campaign for Eastern Europe for Kühne company. Continuing her education abroad, she moved to Brussels where she attended the internationally acknowledged business school – United Business Institutes (UBI). She graduated with honours Cum Laude receiving a MBA degree as an Engineer in Information Technology and Global Telecommunication Management. Even before graduating, she started to work for a global player in transport and logistics, Deutsche Post Euro Express where she worked as a IT manager responsible for IT systems integration in the following countries: Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and last but not least Poland. Additionally, she was asked to take up additional position as an IT Project Manager in the integration project of DHL to Deutsche Post. As the years went by, she moved once again going to the USA, and living in Orlando and Jackson Ville, Florida where she continued to develop her own entrepreneurial businesses. After moving back to Europe she got engaged in organisation and coordination of retail and wholesale distribution channels of pet food products Best Choice and Dr. Clauder’s in Eastern Europe. For this purposes she created and managed acting as CEO, the company called IPH GROUP Poland. Additionally to managing this company, she was responsible for marketing and PR of these products in Europe and around the world. During the last eight years, parallel to many different businesses and responsibilities she was the CEO and managing director of her family business in real estate called Grupa Phoenix.

Manny years of traveling, living in different countries, encounters of different cultures have impacted her life significantly. Not only she learned five languages but she had to learn the different ways of living in each country where she lived in. Her sense of creativity was influenced by all the different mentalities, cultures, traditions and habits. All this inspired her to create her own fashion. A couple of years ago, she started to design clothes for her self, more precisely dresses, which she then had made by a sewer. She wore those evening and cocktail robes and dresses to all sorts of international important events like Vienna Opera Ball, or Echo Awards in Berlin, or Bambi in Dusseldorf where she was many times noticed and approached by famous women who adored her designs. As the attention grew, she was very often approached and asked to create a design for one of these Society Lady’s for the red carpet. After the international society, business and show business noticed Kate’s fashion, she started to create individual designs for many famous people in the business. That is when her real adventure with fashion started. Encouraged by the constantly growing interest and demand for her projects she finally decided to change her hobby and passion into a business and create her own fashion label called LE BLAKK. Today, she is hiring her own technicians, constructors, draftsman and sewers who act as a team in order to assure the very best quality of Le Blakk production. She designs and constructs everything herself, supervises the production and takes care of the PR and marketing. Only the best quality fabrics are carefully selected and ordered from different international suppliers, mainly in France, Italy, Portugal or Belgium. The focus of Le Blakk design is classical simplicity, classic design spiced up with modern touch at the  highest quality possible. Most importantly, the designer makes sure that the clothes are somewhat affordable, and that the price is adequate to the quality. We cannot forget that Le Blakk was created because oft two main reasons: creative sense and love to fashion of the young designer and her constant problem to buy good dresses for a faire price. „Problem is, once you manage to find something appropriate that you like, it almost always costs a fortune… „ says Kate. Le Blakk is supposed to full fill this gap in the fashion market by offering modern, fashionable and classy clothes of very high quality for a price adequate to the effort at which it was produced.