Le Blakk Vision

The secret to your success: to be unique wearing top quality gowns at a perfect price. Le Blakk offers you a range of “classic” designs where each design has something special about it creating a WoW effect each time you wear it! Among this Back to Black collection you will find beautiful evening and cocktail dresses which underline your feminine side and make your advantages show. At the same time it hides any imperfections that you think you might have making you feel comfortable and confident.

Apart from the regular collection we offer tailor maid solutions for special occasions like the red carpet events. If you wish to wear something very special we will make all your wishes come true and come up with a creation that will not only be fitted to your size but it will be unique. By adding a contract with copy rights, we will make sure that you will be the only one wearing it.

Fashion, for a strong, fashionable and classy women who wants to be perceived as an individual with a good taste. Le Blakk makes it possible to make one look classy, modern and interesting at the same time. Our clothes are based on classical designs but at the same time they all have some small modern and fashionable details that make them look very interesting and special.